About me



Hey! I’m Poli.


I LOVE my job. 

I LOVE it, because I’M IN LOVE WITH LOVE . 

Wow, how many times can I say LOVE? Hehe…

I LOVE so many things.

I ADORE my children. 

I LOVE coffee and dancing. 

I LOVE ice cream and french fries, 

 but most of all, I LOVE people. 

I LOVE seeing LOVE and smiles around me.

Most people probably expect me to tell the story of how I started,

but the most important thing that drives me is LOVE.

And what you really need to know is how I work:

We meet, we talk, I ask you to do some silly things,

I say some funny things,

because this is what makes you laugh and be yourself.

No poses and rehearsals.

What I’m looking for are your emotions, your feelings, your story.

What I want is for you to look at these photos in 20-30 years and remember exactly how you felt.

I want you to remember the way you LOVED each other.

I want you to remember the food you ate, the way you kissed and everything that happened right then and there.

 So, yes, I can say a lot about me, but let’s be honest:

everything is about YOU, your LOVE and remembering this instant, so it can live forever.



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